Trace People za Terms and Conditions:

  1. We utilize and depend on the services of numerous third-party service providers to obtain our information, and provide you with that information as received by us. We will do all humanly possible to verify and/or correct the information.
  2. TracePeopleZA does not ever guarantee any information or details supplied to you as a result of our tracing efforts as being correct, nor partly correct.
  3.  No liability, either expressed or implied, is accepted for any damages, public and private, that may occur due to the use of this data by you or any other party.
  4. We will not be held responsible, and you hereby undertake not to hold TracePeopleZA nor any of its employees nor any of its third-party sources utilized responsible, for any consequences, actions, legal actions, damages, and/ or miss-understandings due to any mistakes, omissions, or inaccurate information supplied by TracePeopleZA.
  5. You, as a client of Trace People za, are not liable to pay for the specific requested services (where we state “No Trace – No Payment on this website) if we are unable to trace and supply you with the required information.
  6. A trace will be construed as successful when we supply you with at least one correct and verified contact detail of the person being traced, or of the current Spouse living with the person, being one of the following: a Home or Work Telephone number, Mobile Phone Number, Email address and/or a physical Home or Work address.
  7. TracePeopleZA provides this tracing service on the only and absolute premise that you are legitimately and without any malicious intent searching for a specific person or persons or a business owner in South Africa